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Email Marketing should be done correctly. Sending email to unsolicited addresses will get you banned from a users system. Our policy is a strictly NO SPAM policy, therefore, if you are interested in this type of marketing, please contact us.


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Why is email marketing so popular?

Email marketing is so popular because:
sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of communication
email lets you deliver your message to the people (unlike a website, where the people have to come to _your message)
email marketing has proven very successful for those who do it right


Why it works

Email marketing works for a variety of reasons.
It allows targeting
It is data driven
It drives direct sales
It builds relationships, loyalty and trust
It supports sales through other channels

Modern email marketing services and solutions support database integration, segmentation and various other tricks and techniques for improving the targeting of outgoing messages. Advanced methods generate on-the-fly emails customized down to an individual recipient basis. And every email campaign you send out generates a heap of actionable data you can use to refine your approach and messages.


Email promotions and offers generate immediate action: sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, etc. Informative email newsletters and other emails send people to offline stores and events, prepare the way for catalogs, build awareness, contribute to branding, strengthen relationships, encourage trust and cement loyalty.


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Can Spam Act


The CAN-Spam Act introduced to the congress earlier this year has been signed by the President on Dec, 16 and will go into effect on January 1, 2004.

The Act is intended to stem the tide of spam, formally known as unsolicited commercial email, which currently floods personal and business email inboxes. Unfortunately the Act takes the opt-out approach, allowing transmission of unsolicited mail until the recipient asks for the mailings to cease. This may actually cause an increase in unsolicited mailing, as stricter State laws that prohibit opt-out email marketing, such as California’s recently passed law, will be preempted by the new national law.


Nevertheless, the CAN-Spam Act contains requirements that must be met by all mailers regardless of existence of a prior business relationship with the recipient. All companies that send commercial email must:

- Do Not use subject headings intended to mislead the recipient into opening the message.
- Use a reply address that will be active for at least thirty days following the transmission of an email message.
Include a physical postal address in the body of each message.
- Include a clear notice that the message being sent is an advertisement or solicitation.
- Include clear instructions in the body of the message detailing how to opt-out of subsequent mailings
- Honor all opt-out requests within ten days and not transfer, sell, lease, or exchange the email address of any recipient that has made an opt-out request


All of the above apply to both solicited and unsolicited commercial mailings with one exception. Mail sent to recipients at their consent (opt-in newsletters, alerts, etc…) does not need to contain the disclaimer labeling the message as an advertisement or solicitation. Damages under this Act can be reduced if policies and procedures designed to prevent such violations have been established and implemented, and a violation occurred despite reasonable effort intended to maintain compliance with the aforementioned policies.


Since most legitimate email marketers honor removal requests and do not send mailings by hijacking open relay servers or write misleading subject lines, the two key issues to address before the New Year are the inclusion of a physical postal address in the message, and the inclusion of a disclaimer identifying the message as a solicitation or advertisement, should one be required.


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