Web Development by a competent web delopment firm is no easy task to find when the market is saturated with low-cost options. So how do you know that you're getting the right balance of technical expertise and value?

At After Dark Grafx, we've been programming custom website applications for over a decade. Our expert web development, technical and business teams are not only seasoned; they're also savvy about recommending the right solution for your business on your budget!


We've been around the block many times and have the expertise to develop clean, high-performing code for a number of different platforms. Here are only a handful of the custom applications we've produced: Shopping carts, Community Sites, Dynamic Calendars, Event Registration, Forums, Blogs and more...


Our comprehensive web development services suite has worked wonders for our customers who have gained through:

Reduced time to market for new applications via seamless integrations

Maximizing ROI (Return On Investment)
Accelerated business performance by automating & integrating processes'.
Collaborating with your business and trading partners more flexibly and cost-effectively
Improving visibility of current business performance.

We bridge the gap between creative, user friendly web interface and innovative cutting edge solutions. At After Dark Grafx , our Web development team is committed to providing only excellent results. This includes customer oriented web development services of the highest quality…Always!


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How Web Development Works

1. Initial consultation with client.
2. Quote is remitted to client per consultation and any further requests.
3. Quote is accepted and Service Agreement is remitted to client. Service begins after client returns agreement.
4. Content is supplied to After Dark Grafx (images, text, etc.).
5. Project Sample is created and posted online for client to review.
6. Client accepts design and project is completed. If design is a website, the remaining pages of the website will be created and posted online throughout the design process for client approval. If design is a print piece, file will be formatted for print.
7. Client may supply any additional content throughout the design process. It is best to get all content to After Dark Grafx in the beginning stages of the project to ensure time constraints are adhered to. This will also alleviate any confusion.
8. Website will then be placed online for final review by client.
9. Client accepts final product and website is made active.
10. Balance for project is due.


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